StratInfo and Florida International University

Manuel Lasaga is President and co-founder of StratInfo.  He has more than 29 years experience as a business and financial economist advising entrepreneurs, multinational corporations, financial institutions, government agencies and professional services firms and as a senior executive.

Lasaga has long experience in the development of business strategies, the evaluation of loan performance and in the analysis of financial and industrial markets. He has nationally-recognized capability for independent analysis of the Florida, U.S., and Latin American economies in order to propose strategies to decision makers in international banks and multinational corporations.  He is also called upon as an expert witness in litigation matters involving economic losses.

Lasaga is an advisor to banks in the area of Asset / Liability management and in assisting banks with the development of investment strategies to optimize their risk-adjusted returns. He has assisted De-Novo banks through the organizational and approval process for their banking license in the State of Florida.

As a registered Investment Adviser in the State of Florida, Lasaga uses an in-depth knowledge of economic cycles and trends to anticipate the impact on industries and sectors in order to frame optimal investment strategies.

Lasaga relies on his extensive knowledge of industries and financial markets to develop business plans and valuations.

His professional career includes Citicorp in New York, where he worked extensively in the restructuring of the external debt of Latin American countries during the global debt crisis of the 1980s; Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates in Philadelphia; and Southeast Bank in Miami.  He has consulted for 20 years with the World Bank in Washington D.C., specializing in the evaluation of banking structures and development projects throughout Latin America.

Lasaga was a member of Florida Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors.  An active community leader, he has served for 17 years on the Board of Directors of Baptist Hospital of Miami and is a member of the Hospital’s Executive Committee and the Baptist Health System’s Investment Committee. He is also Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Miami Dade College’s School of Business.

He is regularly consulted by local as well as international media for expert commentary on the global economy and its impact on business activity. His frequent speaking engagements include briefings for corporate directors, foreign commercial attaches, industry executives, chambers of commerce, and legal/accounting/financial organizations.

Lasaga holds a Master’s Degree and a Ph.D. degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.  He is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Finance at Florida International University’s Business School where he teaches courses for the MBA program.  Previously he taught International Finance and Managerial Economics and Microeconomics at the University of Miami as an Adjunct Faculty.

Economic Regional Overview: Key Economic, Financial and Legal Issues

Discussion will focus on sustainability of the regional recovery in principal markets, the impact of the U.S. economy and trade policies on the LAC region, and the direction of regional financial and trade flows. Speakers will also address current legal developments in jurisdictions that affect trade, finance and business from the U.S. to the LAC […]